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Testimonials from all over the world



I had met with a few wine stores and they had tried  the samples. The feedback was the same: It worked!  I had tried last Friday and I can only concurred  with all of the feedback. Jiguja is fabulous. I am a poor drinker, but after drinking the product, I felt fine without any of the hangover effect.


 North America

The results of the focus group were successful.  Both males and females experienced no hangover symptoms.  So far, we have been receiving positive feedback from this beverage.  We are about to conduct a marketing study for this category. 



After We have tasted samples.  It is really good.  We hope everybody enjoy Jiguja in our country.


 Middle East

After testing product ourselves, we were amazed at the effectiveness!  We did some market research to determine the potential for distributing the products and we discovered that the market is very favourable for the product.


 Central America

We found your products very interesting and we really like to establish a very formal relationship with your company.  We would like to introduce your product in our country. We will start working on a aggressive marketing campaign.



I was testing the drink on several occasion and conduct small marketing research with some focus group (sample of potential customers who are drinkers too). I have tested the drink, before, after and when thirsty and glad to say that the product really works. Supported with the right and effective marketing strategy, I believe it can sell well.



Everything was fine.  I taste the product and made a human test with my customers.   Everything is OK.  We like to open the markets.



Everything was fine.  Only one person gave totally negative feedback, he drank only beer.  All the rest of the subjects were extremely positive about the product and most agreed that the product worked very well for them before and after drink.






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