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Hepatic Metabolism Activation

Studies support the product promotes liver recovery after drinking


Alcohol affects the human body in many ways. Alcohol is metabolized in human organs, being decomposed into acetaldehyde and water. Acetaldehyde, a toxic substance triggering various and painful hangover symptoms, changes into acetic acid, and later transformed into carbonic acid gas and water, which is finally excreted from the body through respiration and sweat.


It takes at least six hours for our organism to rid itself of alcohol. During this time, and for longer periods, people suffer from various hangover symptoms arising from dehydration and lack of electrolytes. Intoxicated people feel inebriated, lack of energy, headaches and general sickness. Blood pressure also rises and digestion slows down bringing forth the sensation of constipation and bloat.


A series of experiments were conducted to see what effects has on these symptoms:


Drastic decrease of Alcohol Concentration Level and Blood Acetaldehyde

From 1 to 5 hour, blood alcohol concentration was remarkably reduced by pre-treatment and post-treatment with JIGUJA. The blood acetaldehyde was also considerably reduced, compared with only alcohol control group.  These results suggest that oral intake of is strongly effective on reducing blood alcohol concentration level and elimination of alcohol-induced hangover symptoms.

*Alcohol Alone:

Measuring alcohol concentration levels in blood in rats after drinking 40% alcohol alone without pre-dosing JIGUJA



[Alcohol & JIGUJA predosed]

Measuring alcohol concentration levels in blood in rats after drinking 40% alcohol with JIGUJA pre-dosed

Acetaldehyde is very toxic byproduct, produced on the way of metabolizing alcohol, which is the main material bringing various and painful hangover symptoms. JIGUJA found very effective in lowering the density of acetaldehyde in blood (by 24%), meaning that it eases inebriety, repress rise in body temperature and heart beat, etc.


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