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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What does the clock symbol stand for?

A. The symbol implies for WAKE UP and LIFT effects.  From those who have tried the product, many people report much enhanced manhood when wake up in the early morning  next day, feeling even more awake mentally and aroused physically, as the ‘clock’ symbol on the product label implies for.  It is entitled to be called as very mythical Oriental Express to the destination of energy and health, and more importantly the enhanced sensation of WELL-BEING.



Q. When is the best time to drink?

A. Anytime! it can be drunk by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. Should you foresee a hangover looming, it is most effective at combating post alcoholic symptoms (aka. hangovers) if drunk just before your first drink. For that real big party, drink another can later on through the session, or just before leaving and hitting the sac.


Q. Can I create alcoholic cocktails with the product?

A. Why not!  Various exotic recipes are available with a splash of rum, malibu or even with Guinesse.


Q. Is it possible to overdose?

A. Overdosing is not possible and has never been recorded - the vitamins and minerals found in Jiguja will only benefit your body.


Q. Do men/women find drinkers sexy?

A. Yes! The opposite sex almost always approves of you taking care of your glorious body.



Q. Why can't I buy the can in my town?

A. If you really want the cans, let us know by contacting us and we will see what we can do for you.






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