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It is a health boosting Energizer, designed to reduce the symptoms of alcoholic over-indulgence. The active ingredient in this herb tea is from the wild nature in the remote, uncontaminated forests of the Orients.


Natural Ingredients


Now, for the first time, this prime remedy of Mother Nature becomes available to international consumers worldwide through our new Drink, a health drink developed to protect drinkers by controlling excessive alcohol absorption, increasing hepatic metabolism, inhibiting post alcoholic consumption symptoms and effects and practically freeing people who drink from hangovers.


This tasteful health boosting tonic, not only relieves alcoholic effects, but provides many other collateral benefits to your health.  There are many claims as to the health contributing benefits.  Clinical research providing interesting evidences of the product being beneficial to a number of health conditions have been performed, and many more are being made now.


mainly contains actively energizing natural materials, claiming its beneficial properties for people with conditions such as high blood pressure, liver and kidney deficiencies, also noted as an effective diuretic assisting the body's detoxification process by stimulating urination and increasing general metabolism. It is an excellent dietary health booster that assists your body's detoxification and purification processes by stimulating urination, digestion, perspiration and activating general organic (most notably, hepatic) functions. You will feel a generalized sensation of wellbeing, relief from constipation and water retention, all these side effects related to alcoholic consumption and decelerated hepatic metabolism.


is an appetizing and subtle blend  engineered biologically with organic extraction of wild herbs and other natural ingredients and mellow flavors, of superb taste when drinking chilled.






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